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Lindsay Loves Her Daddy

Michael Lohan is everywhere! The ex-convict is talking to just about every media outlet there is.
He tells TV’s Extra that he spoke to Lindsay ├óΓé¼┼ôthree days before she went into rehab.├óΓé¼┬¥
During that conversation, Michael reveals, “She told me she loved me, missed me, wanted to talk to me, she didn’t know why things were going the way they were with my wife [Dina] and me.”
You know what we say to that? Liar liar pants on fire!
Michael also claims that he attempted to make contact with Lohan on Monday, the day of her arrest.
He says, “Yesterday I felt like I needed to call her… I got her assistant Jenni Munro who told me she [Lindsay] was in dance learning tango for her next movie.”
Michael never spoke to Lindsay, he continues, “There was no call, the next thing I heard was this morning…what we all know right now.”
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He admits he’s partly to blame for the way Lindsay is acting, he says, “I know I’m responsible for part of this. I acted the same way myself. Lindsay is being torn from her family… running in all the wrong directions.”
Michael tells “Extra” that he spoke to his attorney today and told him to “Take everything out of court, do everything for the kids…the way parents are suppose to do… the system gets in the way. Once we get caught up in the system things go in disarray!”
About whether or not his daughter’s career can rebound, he states, “She’s gifted, talented, blessed and I really believe that once she gets back to the place she was… at the pinnacle of her career… Yes, I think she can rebound. We can use tragedy and turn it into triumph and I think Lindsay will do that.”
Michael has not spoken to Lindsay’s mother, Dina, or his other children since Lindsay’s recent arrest. He does say, “No one can separate the love a family has for each other…going to be there forever…unfortunate that too many people have gotten involved in our lives…I hold onto that thread of hope.”
About what kind of treatment Lindsay should enter into, Michael adds, “[A] Faith based program…like Teen Challenge…they instill faith in your life. Life is a gift from God, what we do with it is what we give back.” He says, “When she puts things back in order, she’ll have all the blessings that she had in the beginning.”
Michael is currently on parole and has been unable to go be with his daughter, about this he says, “I’m on parole … hopefully, they’ll allow me to go and see my daughter. The only reason I haven’t been out there is because I’m unable to go out there.”
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