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Hollywood Exec Told Kelly Osbourne She Was 'Too Fat For TV' When She Was JUST A CHILD!

Kelly Osbourne Says Hollywood Exec Told Her She Was 'Too Fat' To Be A Star When She Was JUST A CHILD!

Kelly Osbourne is recalling one of the most brutal experiences she’s ever had in the entertainment industry.

On Tuesday, her fam released the latest episode of The Osbournes Podcast, in which they dish on their experiences in the reality TV world. During the brand-new ep, the 39-year-old revealed a two-decade-old meeting she had with an unnamed executive in which the guy told her that she was “too fat” to be a star! Seriously!

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Recalling the meeting as “the most insulting f**king thing,” Kelly explained how she was called into an entertainment industry executive’s office and berated for her weight. Kelly (seen at a red carpet appearance from 2004 in the inset above, BTW) explained:

“When I was a kid, I got pulled into the head of the agency’s office and he was putting golf balls into a cup and gave me a whole speech about how I was too fat for TV and I needed to lose weight, and that if I lost weight, I would look better.”


Who says that to a young woman EVER?! Who says that to anybody at all?! Obvi, we know Hollywood is image conscious — and certainly back then it was even worse than it is today — but seriously?! And to say that to such a young person?? Unacceptable!!

Kelly did not out the executive by name. But she did reveal the timeline when the meeting occurred!! It happened not long after she’d been cast in Disney‘s 2003 Freaky Friday remake. Of course, that iconic film starred Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis. And it was going to star Kelly, too, as one of LiLo’s onscreen BFFs. But momma Sharon Osbourne got diagnosed with colon cancer early in 2002 and Kelly walked away from the project because of that. She recalled:

“I was gonna play her best friend, and then it was right before Mom got diagnosed with cancer, so I quit. And he was just saying, ‘You’re not a movie star, but you could be one if you lost weight.'”

So horrific. Kelly’s brother Jack Osbourne was on the podcast like always, and he slammed the insult as “the most LA s**t ever.” Kelly agreed, adding:

“I know. As he’s putting golf balls into a cup in his office. And I was just, like, ‘this is the most insulting f**king thing.'”

Seriously tho…

BTW, Kelly was born in October of 1984, and if you do the math on Sharon’s colon cancer diagnosis and Freaky Friday‘s casting and subsequent summer 2003 release, this meeting with the unnamed exec would have gone down at some point in early 2002. So Kelly hadn’t even turned 18 yet and he’s pressuring her to lose weight!! So troubling! Plus, think back to how anorexia was SUCH a major flashpoint for girls and young women in the early 2000s, too. That is such shameful behavior by the executive — on so many levels!! Reactions, y’all??

[Image via Extra TV/YouTube/LK/WENN]

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