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Lindsay Wanted By Police! Lohan Denies This!

Somebody is delusional!
According to multiple reports, LezLo is wanted by the police!
An arrest warrant was reportedly issued by the Beverly Hills Police Department in connection with her 2007 DUI arrest, for which she is still on probation.
Specific details of why the arrest was issued are not known yet – but some reports claim it is due to a probation violation (failing a drug test or not attending alcohol education classes, etc, etc).
The arrest warrant has reportedly been issued for $50,000.
Yet, despite these multiple reports, Lohan herself is denying that the police are after her!
In an exclusive statement to, Lindsay says, “This warrant for my arrest is completely fabricated and its a horrendous lie. This will make me loose every single deal that I have right now. Its horrible.”
That’s what she says.
Updated: Yup, Lindsay is definitely lie-telling!
The Beverly Hills Police department has confirmed Lohan’s arrest.
In a statement, they say, “In response to media inquiries, [the] Beverly Hills Police Department is confirming a warrant was in fact issued for the arrest of Lindsay Lohan. The $50,000 warrant issued by the Beverly Hills Superior Court stems from a May 2007 arrest of Miss Lohan for DUI and hit-and-run. The circumstances leading to the issuance of the warrant by the court are not readily available at this time. It is our hope that Miss Lohan will surrender herself so that this matter will be resolved in a timely manner.”

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Mar 14, 2009 11:46am PDT

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