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Listen To This: Like A Jolt Of Oxygen


Jose Vanders is intoxicating!

She’s 17 years old. Seventeen!!!!

And, she’s bursting with talent and charm and POTENTIAL.

Her songs demonstrate a craftsmanship and wisdom of human emotion far beyond her years.

Jose Vanders is one of the most exciting things to happen to British music since Amy Winehouse!

It’s rare for an artist to come along at such a young age that is so sure of themselves.

Jose (pronounced Jo-sea) is the real deal!

Following in the tradition of Tori Amos and more recently Regina Spektor, Vanders hits our sweet spot. We’re always a sucker for a cute and quirky girl with a big piano and a prodigious talent!

Enjoy the delicious Faces Going Places below. Then you must CLICK HERE to check out some of the other beautiful beautiful songs by Jose Vanders.

We still can’t believe she’s only 17!


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Sep 18, 2007 10:50am PDT

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