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Machine Gun Kelly Opens Up About His Mental Health Struggles & Love For His Daughter Casie In Candid Interview

Machine Gun Kelly Opens Up About His Mental Health Struggles & Love For His Daughter Casie In Candid Interview

Machine Gun Kelly is letting everyone in.

On Friday, the 31-year-old musician chatted with Drew Barrymore on her daytime talk show while painting her nails with his new UN/DN LAQR nail polish. And when he sat down, he immediately spoke on his current state of mind:

“I don’t want to come off like I’m cold or I’m like shy, but I’m just a little insular, and I’m just having an odd day.”

To which the host reassured:

“You’re in a really safe space.”

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When the host confessed to crying on set days earlier and feeling that her show was meant for more vulnerable conversations, MGK explained how he is just tired of having to smile during an off day:

“I think I’m new to being vulnerable outside of songs, so it’s like, I see a lot of pictures of me, and there’s like, smiles on them. It’s just weird though because I didn’t feel good at all that day and I kind of am sick of smiling on days when I don’t feel like smiling. And I feel like this odd pressure because I don’t want, like, my fans to think that I’m taking something for granted.”

The Bloody Valentine singer continued:

“So if, like, I accept an award and I’m like, super smiley but behind the scenes, I was really, there was like stuff going on, or I didn’t feel, I don’t know, like, a lot of what I do is for other people, and I haven’t given myself the time to just accept that it’s OK to not be OK.”

As fans know, it has been a whirlwind year for MGK as not only his music career has soared, but his relationship with Megan Fox has taken the world by storm. And while the performer finds it difficult at times to live with the pressure of the industry, he shared that the Jennifer’s Body actress has become someone to lean on whenever he’s struggling:

“My girl is really centered, and kind of was like the one who encouraged me to face my past and stuff and pick out what it is that I’m running from and why I put on those smiles that I don’t want to wear and stuff like that. So that was big for me.”

Another source of support for MGK: his 12-year-old daughter Casie Colson Baker.

“I was just walking behind my daughter in the airport the other day and she just has this walk, it’s this pure bounce, she’s so excited for life like she’s so young in her life. I’ve experienced so much in my life. I just pray to every God that exists that she just keeps that bounce forever and that no one interferes with that.”

The rapper then noted he wishes he will “always get[s] to stand back and watch her have that bounce” before adding:

“Like I will take any amount of torture that would come her way if it can just be on me so that she can keep that forever because… it’s worth living for to see that. Her voice is so sweet and it’s not tainted with what the world has to offer.”

It truly sounds like he and Casie have such a close bond with each other. Elsewhere in the interview, MGK also recalled a moment where she got in trouble at school for defending her father against a bully:

“I got a call and her school was like, your daughter got into a thing with this boy and I was like, ‘What happened?’ And they were like, ‘The boy was talking bad about you.’”

He then hilariously shrugged and said:

“I was like, ‘Good job, don’t ever do that again, but I love you so much.’”


We’re sending our love to Machine Gun Kelly during this funk, and we hope that he takes some time to take care and focus on himself. You can watch his entire interview with Barrymore (below):

[Image via MEGA/WENN, The Drew Barrymore Show/YouTube]

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