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Mama June Moving Home To Georgia To Help Care For Cancer-Stricken Daughter Chickadee

Mama June Is Moving Home To Georgia To Help Care For Cancer-Stricken Daughter Chickadee

Mama June Shannon is coming home.

The From Not To Hot star is tying up loose ends and doing whatever she can to get back to her home state of Georgia. And there’s a very important reason: she wants to be back home to help care for 28-year-old daughter Anna ‘Chickadee’ Cardwell amid her ongoing battle with cancer.

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As Perezcious readers will recall, Chickadee is facing a major life event this year. Earlier this year, she was diagnosed with stage four adrenal carcinoma. Her younger sister, Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson, has since publicly lamented the scary and difficult battle. Now, Mama June is doing what she has to do to help out, too.

In a new interview with The US Sun on Sunday, the 43-year-old Here Comes Honey Boo Boo alum and her husband, 35-year-old Justin Stroud, confirmed they are leaving Alabama as soon as possible to go back to Georgia.

Justin explained to the outlet he’s got a few small legal issues to address before he can leave the state for good. He had been arrested last year on an outstanding warrant regarding previous drug charges. But he told the news org that once he addresses his legal requirements, he’ll be able to go:

“We are definitely leaving Alabama. I’m in the process of leaving Alabama now and I’m in the final steps of my legal issues, so we’ll definitely be going back to Georgia.”

As for Mama June, she’s already spending quite a bit of time back home in the small Georgia town of McIntyre.

She confirmed to the outlet on Sunday that she drives Chickadee to chemotherapy appointments when she’s in McIntyre. And until she and Justin can move permanently to Georgia, June is staying in local Airbnb rentals to make it work:

“We split time between Alabama and Georgia and when we come to help Anna and visit, we stay in an Airbnb.”

Of course, June and her daughters — Anna, Alana, and 23-year-old Lauryn ‘Pumpkin’ Efird — have had difficult moments in the recent past amid the Mama June Family Crisis star’s long-standing drug issues.

But Mama June has been recovering from substance abuse problems for a while now. And, as she explained this past weekend, she’d been repairing her relationships with all three girls even before Chickadee’s diagnosis:

“The relationship with Anna was actually working before she found out that she had cancer. It didn’t just all of a sudden miraculously start working like when Anna had cancer, you know, to make that totally clear with everybody.”

We sincerely hope these relationships continue to build and grow from here. And we obviously continue to wish Chickadee well with her treatments during this scary and uncertain time.

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As for Mama June, she’s also facing down her own health issues this month. Last week, she revealed to the US Sun that she’s been experiencing fatigue, severe headaches, and brain fog recently:

“I’m getting tired of having severe headaches and not being able to think, I’m not getting tired of forgetting things, I’m getting tired of being dizzy and not being able to see straight.”

The reality TV matriarch has done blood tests and a bunch of other medical procedures. But so far, no answers have been given for why she feels so bad.

As she told the outlet, “the tests are all coming back kind of normal.” And with her addiction history, Mama June is worried doctors may be using that to look past other potential problems:

“I say, ‘Hey, I’m recovering. I’ve been in recovery and been sober for three years,’ and that for them throws up that judgmental card. They seem to be like, ‘oh, well, you have to be honest about your symptoms.'”

Still, the reality vet is hopeful she can find a specialist who can give her some medical answers soon, as she explained in her prior interview with the media outlet last week:

“I’m getting tired of all of this like ‘the tests are coming back normal,’ let’s just figure it out! Let’s run more tests, or run more blood work. Let’s figure out really down deep what’s going on. We’re in the process of trying to find new doctors, and we’ve got good doctors that we can go to but you can’t get into for six or seven months.”

We hope for the best for both Mama June and Chickadee. Lots of uncertainty and scary times all around for the reality TV family so far this year. Sending love and light!

[Image via Mama June Shannon/Instagram/Entertainment Tonight/YouTube]

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