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Michael Lohan Denies It All!


As we mentioned yesterday, daddy-of-the-year Michael Lohan was arrested last month for threatening to kill his fiancee, Erin Muller, and threatening to kill himself if she ever left him.

Talk about being co-dependent!

But leave it to Daddy Lohan to deny, deny, deny. The 49-year-old Lohan has pleaded not guilty in a Long Island court. A rep for the Suffolk County D.A. claims Michael “allegedly called Erin Muller on the telephone and stated in sum and substance that he would kill her and himself if Erin Muller left him.”

Lohan is fighting back, claiming that “by no means did I threaten to cause harm to Erin or myself… As a matter of fact, Erin even told the court that she didn’t want to pursue anything. It’s all going to be dropped.”

We hope he didn’t tell her to drop it and not pursue anything or he’d kill her. Just sayin’!

So, just what happened then? How did these allegations come to light?

According to Lohan, “A person she thought was her friend violated her in a way that I don’t want to describe. When I found out the truth it didn’t sit well with me. It’s all going to be dropped. It’s an example of how people twist things.”

Oh, and what’s a Michael interview without a reference to daughter Lindsay Lohan? He adds, “If Sam does come back in her life, it is all going to go downhill.”

[Image via WENN/FayesVision.]

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May 28, 2009 12:30pm PDT

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