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Mariah Sparks Road Rage!


Throwing a lamb to the wolves!

A Florida man blaring a Mariah Carey song from his car stereo was arrested Saturday night after throwing a bottle at someone who didn’t share his passion for Mimi.

The Mariah-lover, Zachary Alan Schreiber of Golden Gate, FL, was stopped at a light when Mariah-hater William Greenman pulled up and called Schreiber ‘a derogatory name’ for listening to Mimi.

We want to know which song was he blaring!

Profanities flew back and forth between Schreiber and Greenman, who was a passenger in the other vehicle, as the cars traveled on, authorities say.

When they again stopped the war of words escalated.

Deputies say Mariah looney Schreiber then hurled a beer bottle at Greenman. He had beer in has car???? Trouble!

Greenman ducked, but deputies say the bottle hit the car’s driver!

Schreiber is charged with shooting a missile into a vehicle and criminal mischief.

A beer bottle is considered a missile??? Dayum!

Don’t mess with Mimi’s fans, y’all.

They’ll eff you up!

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May 19, 2008 19:15pm PDT