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Mini Me's An International Lady Killer


From one famewhore to another!

Last year, Mini Me’s fame hungry ex-girlfriend got her 15 minutes by trying to sell a sex tape she made with the miniature star.

Well,it looks like he’s found an English tart who has stars in her eyes too!

Mini Me has been hitting the London pAArty scene – hard! – after finishing up his UK Celebrity Big Brother gig.

And, now, reports have emerged that he met and then proceeded to shag former UK Big Brother reality ho, Chanelle Hayes.

Chanelle is known for positioning herself as the Victoria Beckham of the Brit reality star world.

What an insult, right Posh?!

Mini Me is apparently so impressed with Chanelle that he’s reached out to his Austin Powers bosses about fashioning a movie role for her in the upcoming sequel.

Yeah, that will really happen. Mini Me has sooooooo much pull in Hollywood!

Chanelle told the Brit media on Saturday, “I am such a massive fan of Austin Powers, I love those movies. If the chance came up for a part, I’d jump at it.”

We’re sure she would!

Update: A rep for Verne has contacted to confirm the original story released by the Daily Star is not true. Verne’s rep says, “This story is a complete fabrication and another great example of garbage British tabloid journalism. This was another shameless attempt for someone to get their name in the press, no matter what the circumstances.”

We wouldn’t doubt Chanelle’s “people” planted the story.

[Images via WENN.]

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Feb 01, 2009 14:13pm PDT

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