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Teen Kaylee Gain Suffering From 'Significant Cognitive Impairment' Following Brutal High School Fight

Kaylee Gain update one month after brutal fight

We have an update about Kaylee Gain.

For those who don’t know, the Missouri teenager has been in the hospital with traumatic brain injuries after being involved in a brutal fight last month. The St. Louis County Police Department said officers revealed a call to break up a fight that was happening blocks away from Hazelwood East High School at around 2:30 p.m. on March 8. When police arrived at the scene, they found Kaylee suffering from “a severe head injury.” She was transported to the hospital. Her family said in a GoFundMe that the teen suffered a “skull fracture and frontal lobe damage.”

A video of the altercation went viral on the internet. KSDK reported that the video showed one girl punching Kaylee before slamming her head into the pavement multiple times. Jeez. No one stopped to help this girl? To even step in and break up the fight?!

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Nearly a month after the altercation, Kaylee is improving amid her recovery. However, she still has a very long road ahead. Her family’s attorney, Bryan Kaemmerer, revealed on Monday to People that the teen has started talking again but is still displaying “significant cognitive impairment” weeks later. While Kaylee knows she is in the hospital, he says she does not know why at this time. Oof. The lawyer further explained that in “limited conversations,” she “tends to reiterate the same short sentences over and over.” Kaylee also cannot walk without help from hospital staff members.

So awful…

A 15-year-old girl named Maurnice DeClue has since been arrested, per KSDK. She was referred to family court on March 9. Eight other minors also have been referred to court for consideration of potential assault charges in connection with the incident. Kaemmerer told People that the suspect wanted to apologize to Kaylee’s family for the attack. While she appears remorseful for her actions, that does not stop them from wanting her to be tried as an adult. The lawyer said:

“While these statements do not change the family’s position that it is appropriate for the suspect to be tried as an adult, it is encouraging that the accused appears to be remorseful for what transpired during these unfortunate events.”

He also noted that the “distasteful” social media posts from an account with the accused’s name were not made by the suspect, as she did not have access to her phone following the fight. Moving forward, the suspect will be appearing in court to determine if this case will stay in the juvenile courts.

We are sending healing energy to Kaylee and her family at this time. Reactions? Let us know in the comments below.

[Image via GoFundMe, KMOV St. Louis/YouTube]

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