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Mommy Influencer Charged With Filing False Report Wrongly Accusing Latino Couple Of Attempted Kidnapping!

Mommy Influencer Charged with false police report after lying about Latino couple and attempted kidnapping!

Looks like justice is in the process of being served in the wild Katie Sorensen case.

Back in December, Sorensen — a social media influencer with 75,000 followers on Instagram — was involved in an ugly incident where she allegedly falsely accused a Latino couple of trying to kidnap her children outside a craft store in Petaluma, California.

Now, her accusations against the couple have completely unraveled, and the Sonoma County Prosecutor’s Office is charging the influencer herself!

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On Monday, People confirmed that Sorensen (pictured above, left inset) was officially arrested late last week and charged with providing false information to police and giving false information to a police dispatcher. The mommy influencer will be arraigned on May 13; if convicted, the embattled mother faces a maximum penalty of 12 months behind bars for the alleged lies.

Holy s**t!

As we noted (above), this all stems from an ugly early December 2020 incident in a Michael’s craft store parking lot in the northern California city.

At the time, Sorensen allegedly told police one story about the “failed abduction,” claiming that a Latino couple — later identified as Sadie (pictured above, right inset) and Eddie Martinez, parents of five children themselves — had “made comments concerning [her] children’s appearance” and “followed her out to her car, loitered suspiciously, and then left when noticed by another individual nearby.”

After talking to police, though, Sorensen got in hot water almost immediately when she published two videos on her Instagram account which quickly went viral, getting millions of views. Problem is, the clips held a different story than what she told cops. Petaluma investigators noted the videos released on social media contained “information that was not disclosed with her original report” to authorities, and began to dig deeper.

Upon further investigation, Petaluma Police Lieutenant Ed Crosby explained that both Mr. and Mrs. Martinez cooperated fully after they learned they were kidnapping suspects.

He also added that the discrepancies between Sorensen’s allegations and every other fact he could find quickly became significant:

“[The Martinezes] denied the allegation being made against them by the reporting party. To date, the investigation has produced no evidence or witnesses corroborating the account provided by the reporting party. Evidence gathered has served to support the account provided by the [Martinez] couple from the store.”


Clearly, with Sorensen’s arrest, Petaluma officials believed the false allegations to be serious enough to warrant response.

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On Monday, after the charges against Sorensen were made public, Sadie Martinez spoke to Petaluma’s local newspaper, The Argus-Courier, and expressed her relief, saying:

“We’re very happy with the news. It’s a nice step toward justice. It gives you hope.”

No kidding…

Sorensen’s attorney, Charles Dresow, declined to discuss the case when contacted by People.

The mommy influencer deleted her Instagram account in the weeks after the incident and its aftermath. Now, it appears that her account is back, though it’s been set to private.

We’ll keep you updated as this crazy and contentious case winds its way through the courts…

[Image via KTVU-2 Fox San Francisco/YouTube]

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