World’s Rarest Dog Breed Found In Illegal Pennsylvania Kennel


A Pennsylvania man was found with 68 adult New Guinea singing dogs living in outdoor pens and cages.

Before they found these dogs, there were only 150 dogs of this breed in the world. And many of them live in zoos!

The dogs are named for their unique howling vocalizations and are wild dogs from the upper highlands of New Guinea. It is rumored to be extinct in the wild because there have been such few sightings.

James McIntyre of the New Guinea Singing Dog Conservation Society collected the dogs and luckily, two of them were able to be place in foster homes. The others lack socialization with humans and will need specialized homes like zoos or sanctuaries.

Two singers had suffered injuries, probably because they were left in pens with their fathers after being born. One was missing both back legs and the other was missing one leg. The two-legged dog will be fitted with a special set of wheels to restore his mobility.

Awww. So glad they were rescued.

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Nov 6, 2010 11:00pm PDT

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