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Niykee Heaton Accuses Diddy & Kanye West Of Attempted SA In Terrifying Recording Studio Story -- And Julia Fox Reposts It!

Nikyee Heaton Accuses Diddy & Kanye West Of Attempted SA In Terrifying Studio Story -- And Julia Fox Reposts It!

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

Diddy and Kanye West are both facing new sexual assault allegations — from an incident they were involved in together!

In an Instagram Live on Saturday, singer Niykee Heaton claimed the rappers tried to take advantage of her when she was just 19 — and allegedly right in front of some of their acquaintances who did nothing to help her, too! OMG!! The singer explained that she caught the attention of Ye in 2014 after her breakout success for the song Bad Intentions with Migos and OG Parker. At the time, the Heartless crooner reached out to her and invited her to a studio session to work on music.

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When she arrived at the studio, Niykee claimed both the Yeezy designer and Sean Combs were there — and they appeared “off their s**t” on alcohol and possibly drugs. They pressured her to have a drink, but she didn’t take it. Nine other women were present in the studio, but they all allegedly left for the bathroom and Niykee never saw them again. This meant she was alone with the rappers, “an executive” who worked with Kim Kardashian‘s ex-husband, Ye’s engineer, and Ye’s cousin. And they were all men, too.

This is when the nightmare allegedly began. Niykee claimed the A-list celebs started urging her to take her clothes off, insisting it was “hot” in the studio. She recalled:

“They were like, ‘c’mon! It’s just us, we’re all just friends, let’s just see how you look. I still haven’t gotten scared yet. I’m like, this is a bad situation, I’m creeped out, but there’s no reason to panic. There are other men here.”

Unfortunately, those other men quickly proved useless. The 29-year-old songwriter said Puff Daddy and Kanye started to grab her shirt and backed her up against the exit door. She allegedly tried mouthing “help” to the executive while her shirt was being torn off, but he did nothing!! She shared:

“This is the part that for long as I live I’ll never f**king forget. It isn’t actually the aspect of being sexually assaulted. That’s not what haunts me… It’s as these two grown men were pawning at me trying to take my clothes off, I look over to this man asking for help, and I literally mouth the word, ‘help,’ and we lock eyes, and he looks away.”


Sadly, when she looked to the engineer and the cousin for help, they also turned away from her. So messed up.

The Lullaby vocalist then alleged that the men were able to successfully rip off her shirt and started to tear off her pants, but she lunged at them, catching them off balance, and she was able to escape out the door. She ran and hid in a dark studio as she processed what happened, noting:

“I sat there for like 20, 25 minutes just like crying like what the f**k do I do?”

She also discovered another girl who had allegedly been drugged by Kanye and Diddy (while also implying that the girl may have been assaulted as well). They left together. Niykee concluded:

“The moral of the f**king story, stay out of the industry. If you have daughters make sure to tell them that their idols they should never meet and never go to the f**king studio with anyone even if you’re invited there as an artist, unless you have a bodyguard with you.”

Wow. Horrific. You can see all her allegations (below):

And that’s not all.

As this IG Live caught traction online this week, Kanye’s ex-girlfriend Julia Fox actually reposted a recording of Niykee sharing her story on TikTok. Whoa!! Is she just showing support as a woman believing another woman… or does she know something?? Hmm…

Nikyee Heaton Accuses Diddy & Kanye West Of Attempted SA In Terrifying Studio Story -- And Julia Fox Reposts It!
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As Perezcious readers know, Diddy has been accused by several women of sexual assault and similar crimes. Plus, he’s under investigation for sex trafficking. Meanwhile, the Praise God artist was also recently accused of sexual harassment and more in a lawsuit from his former assistant. So, on top of all that, to now see them both named in the same allegation is super disturbing. As of now, it doesn’t appear as though either has responded to these claims. Jeez…

If you or someone you know has experienced sexual violence and would like to learn more about resources, consider checking out

[Image via MEGA/WENN & Niykee Heaton/Instagram]

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