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From Our Archive: Octo-Mom Speaks!

TBT May 5, 2009: “Octo-Mom! Remember that shit show? It was a real pop culture moment! This was before she turned to porn! And before she defrauded the government out of money! Wonder what good ol’ Nadya is up to these days? She’s been… gone!”
Well, that didn’t take long!
Not that we really thought it would.
Nadya Suleman is ready to fight back against this lawsuit the best way she knows how…
Through the media.
In a new interview, Octo-Mom denies signing any contract to be in a reality series (contradicting her previous statements) and admits that there will probably be more lawsuits filed against her, but she says:
“Am I going to acknowledge any of them? Probably not. Because there’s no grounds for anything. If anyone wants to do that though, feel free to try…”
Bless her heart!
[Image via WENN.]

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