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Pete Burns Gets Paid Out for Botched Lip Service


Dead Or Alive singer, reality TV star and all-around hot mess, Pete Burns, paid a high health price for those luscious lips!

Botched lip injections caused him to suffer some nasty swelling and blisters after treatment. His lips got so fucked up, they almost exploded. Really.

Well, some justice may be around the bend for Pete.

He took the faulty doctor who administered the injections to court, and a ruling has paved the way for a Burns payout from said doctor after his legal team told the court that guidelines weren’t followed properly and that an excessive number of follow-up injections were given.

The investigation into the value of the case is ongoing and no figure has been agreed.

Lesson learned:if you really want to inject/nip/tuck your body, make triple sure that your doc knows what she/he is doing!!!

[Image via WENN.]

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Oct 22, 2008 09:00am PDT