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Pete Davidson's Mom Has Reacted To His Breakup With Kim Kardashian -- And It Has Fans Divided!

Pete Davidson's Mom Has Reacted To His Breakup With Kim Kardashian -- And It Has Fans Divided!

Pete Davidson‘s mom is jumping into the space between the comedian and recent ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian!

And it should be no surprise she appears to be taking her beloved 28-year-old son’s side in the matter. But are fans looking too deeply into her take on the split?! Or is there really some controversy here??

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Eagle-eyed KarJenner fans following the aftermath of the SKIMS mogul’s breakup from the stand-up star noticed Amy Davidson officially and unceremoniously UNFOLLOWED Kim on Instagram. It’s unclear when the unfollow happened, but as of Friday, Kim is not on Amy’s follow list. You know it’s for real when the social media cuts start coming out!

The 50-year-old momma bear had been very active on socials with her well wishes for her son’s ‘ship with Kim. So it’s definitely newsworthy that she canned Kim’s account after the breakup. Guess it means things really are over. Sad trombone! But is there more to it???

Fans on Reddit and Twitter have been heatedly debating the meaning of the unfollow. Some followers believe Amy’s quick hook proves that things are not well in the Kete world, and possibly that the breakup was more brutal than what is being let on in rumors and reports:

“things are sus, I don’t believe pete and kims breakup went that smooth considering his close friends unfollowed her too”

“Pete Davidson’s mom unfollowed Kim. You know they [are] never getting back together now, lol”

“Amy doesn’t play”

“Yeah, Pete and his mom are very close. I’m sure she didn’t take it lightly, hitting the unfollow button.”


Other fans don’t see anything wrong with it at all! Heck, the couple isn’t together any more, so why should Pete’s mom continue to have a window into the SKKN By Kim exec’s life? (Of course, Kim is the most publicly-pursued person on earth, so it’s not like Amy wouldn’t see some of her stuff anyways, in all likelihood. But why seek it out?!)

Skeptics weighed in with their take on the sitch:

“I don’t follow any of my friends/family’s exes… even when it ends without drama why would anyone still follow”

“I really don’t get why people make a big deal of unfollows. Like I do it all the time”

“If they aren’t dating any longer then it makes sense family would stop following on social media. It isn’t that deep.”

“Yea it ain’t really a big deal tbh, was kinda expected. His sister, however, is unlikely to unfollow her because she still follows a couple of Pete’s exes. Apparently his mom follows Selena Gomez now (idk how recent that follow is tho)”

A quick check of Amy’s account early Friday morning things: yes, Kim is still unfollowed. Anyway, what do y’all think of this unfortunate unfollow, Perezcious readers?? Inevitable with the couple’s split?! Or suggestive of deeper drama down below??? Sound OFF with your take down in the comments (below)…

[Image via WENN/Amy Davidson/Kim Kardashian/Instagram]

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