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Ballsy Pilot Draws Magnificent, Graceful Penis With His Plane!

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What’s the point of being a pilot if you can’t skywrite giant penis shaped clouds in the sky??
One genius pilot figured out a solution… he’d use Flightradar24, an online flight tracking service.
All he had to do was fly his plane along a very VERY specific course, and let the website’s GPS mapping do the rest.
So he used his plane to draw a huge D*CK over Florida, between Orlando and Tampa.
For millennia, humans dreamed about taking to the skies, so they could impress their friends with the size of their gargantuan sky wieners (we assume).
According to our highly-accurate guesswork, that dick is about 18 miles long.
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That’s pretty impressive we guess. Nothing special. We’re not scared.
Remember, it’s not the size of the colossal GPS-drawn air-penis, it’s the turbulence of the turboprop! LOLz!
OK we’re done!

[Image via Twitter.]

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Mar 13, 2015 16:10pm PDT

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