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Tired Of Justin Bieber's Peen Pic Yet? No? Great! Watch Joel McHale Make Light Of It On The Soup!

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We were wondering what Joel McHale was gonna say about this!
The TV funnyman brought up Justin Bieber‘s dick-pic scandal on this week’s episode of The Soup, and at least this is one crotch shot reaction that isn’t leaving us cringing and confused! LOLz!
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Joel manages to make fun of the Biebs’ lil’ bud in addition to, well, all of entertainment TV news in a HIGHlarious angle on the “scandal” (below)!!!

Our new favorite euphemism for penis? Baloney pony. Without a doubt. HA!!!
Here are a couple more highlights from the most recent episode of The Soup (below), including a great take on Kanye West‘s recent comments about his unborn son, with guest star Reggie Watts helpin’ out:

And some Jeopardy fun:

LOLz all around!!!
[Image via E!]

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Oct 11, 2015 10:58am PDT