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Prince Harry Was 'Incensed' Over Being Denied A Meeting With Queen Elizabeth Prior To Royal Exit!

Prince Harry Was 'Incensed' Over Being Denied A Meeting With Queen Elizabeth Prior To Megxit!

Prince Harry was NOT happy about how things went down prior to his decision to walk away from the royal family.

In fact, he wanted a private meeting with the late Queen Elizabeth II, according to a new book being released soon on the subject. Except he was apparently denied that opportunity by royal courtiers in the Queen’s court!

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We’ve been covering Valentine Low‘s book, Courtiers: The Hidden Power Behind The Crown, a little bit already this week. For one, Low alleged Meghan Markle was hoping to become the ‘Beyoncé of the UK’ after their wedding.

Now, more excerpts have been published, and in this one in particular, first published by The Times on Sunday, the Courtiers author alleges Harry was trying to sort out his exit “by email” in early 2020 before revealing his intention to leave the family to the rest of the world.

Low wrote this about the 38-year-old Duke of Sussex:

“Harry seemed to be under the impression that they could just sort it out by email before he and Meghan got back to London on January 6, [2020]. The reply they got, however, was that this would require a proper family conversation.”


At the time, Low asserted Harry and his 41-year-old wife were told they would not have any in-person conversation with other members of the royal family until late January — a few weeks after it actually ended up happening. The timing proved to be an unexpected issue, as the author noted:

“This went down incredibly badly. It fed into the narrative that they were not being taken seriously by the palace machinery, or by the rest of the family.”

Harry tried to get a chance to meet with the Queen on his own, too. However, that attempt failed when courtiers allegedly “got in the way” and altered her schedule so as to avoid allowing Harry to get on her good side prior to the exit reveal.

Low added:

“The message was conveyed to him that the queen had been confused about her diary, and was no longer available. Harry was incensed, because it was not true: the courtiers had got in the way, it seemed, because they saw the meeting with the queen as an attempt to pick the queen off before Harry started talks with the rest of the family.”

Harry apparently tried to persist and get the meeting all the same. The author reports that the current Santa Barbara resident strongly considered driving on his own from London to Sandringham, where the royal family spends Christmas, to speak to his grandmother in person:

“He eventually dropped the idea, but it was a sign of his frustration that he even contemplated such a move.”


Of course, Harry and Meghan would then turn around and release their bombshell news about stepping back from royal family duties later in the month of January.

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At the time of their statement, an insider reported to Us Weekly that the couple had not received the Queen’s “official blessing” prior to revealing the news. That old source claimed the whole thing was the result of “a miscommunication.” Now, two years later, it appears these allegations from Low may shed further light on exactly what was miscommunicated.

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