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Royal Photoshop Fail?! Fans Say Prince Louis Is MISSING A FINGER In Family’s New Christmas Card -- Look!

Royal Photoshop Fail! Prince Louis Missing A Finger In Family’s Christmas Card – LOOK!

It’s not just reality TV royalty like the KarJenners who are getting exposed for photoshop fails these days — the actual royal family is now getting called out, too!

Over the weekend, Prince William and Princess Catherine released their yearly Christmas card. It seemed like the perfect chance for them to gain some good press after dealing with the royal racist allegations from Omid Scobie’s Endgame. But, um, it seems like they’ve simply just started a new controversy! A much weirder one!

In the black-and-white portrait shared to socials on Sunday, the parents could be seen standing alongside Prince George and Prince Louis, who had his hand resting on sister Princess Charlotte‘s chair. Everyone looked great in matching white button-downs while the boys wore black pants and the girls rocked jeans. At first glance, it seemed like a classic and polished pic of the famous fam. That is until you looked closely at the youngest!

Taking to X (Twitter) with reactions to the holiday photo, fans quickly noticed something strange going on with the 5-year-old’s middle finger. As in — it looks like he’s missing an appendage altogether! WHAT?

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Pointing out the problem, one fan noted it appeared like Louis’ finger “got amputated” in the “heavy editing process” while many others argued he had an extra (or at least oddly edited) leg, too! Users chimed in:

“Prince Louis finger is missing, also they have photoshopped someone else’s leg onto his I certainly hope taxpayers didn’t pay for it”

“Prince Louis middle finger is missing and his legs look strange”

“Are Prince William children even real or are they fake? Why does Louis not have a finger and look at Louis leg both legs don’t look similar”

“Did William and Kate rent a child? What’s happening am trying to find out or Did they just photoshop the entire picture I need answers”

Okay, those last two are a bit harsh! But clearly, this snapshot has confused a lot of folks! The biggest issue seems to be the large gap between the kiddo’s fingers, which is hard to miss since his hand had such a prominent placement in the photo. While most are blaming this on lots of editing, it seems possible his fingers were just outstretched at an odd angle?

That said, the lighting and placement of Louis and William’s legs also caused some to think maybe there was an extra leg in the mix! Not to mention the little boy’s ankle seemed posited in an unnatural way. Ch-ch-check it out again (below)!

Leave it to Louis to steal the show again — this time without even trying!

So far, the royals haven’t addressed the backlash, and if they’re unwilling to comment on the racism allegations, we don’t think they’ll be weighing into this photoshop debate. LOLz!

Do YOU think this was a photoshop fail?! Or just a confusing pic of what’s really there? Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via MEGA/WENN]

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