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A Technical Glitch On The Royal Family's Website May've Spoiled Prince William & Kate Middleton's Baby Name Reveal!

royal baby name spoiled by royal family website
Did a technical glitch just spoil the royal baby name reveal??
As you surely know, Prince William and Kate Middleton have stayed shockingly tight lipped about their third little one’s moniker, following the young prince’s birth on April 23. However, it seems that the royal family’s website may’ve inadvertently revealed the news.
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Apparently, there are designated pages for each of the prominent members of the Windsor clan. Viewers of the site can access these pages by typing in a name separated by dashes following the main site’s URL —!
Now, if you type in Prince George and Princess Charlotte‘s names, you’ll come across an “access denied” screen. So, why is this important??? Well, this error may’ve proven that William and Kate have named their youngest… Albert!
It’s said that if you type in, you’ll witness an “access denied” screen pop up. If you try this link with a different name, such as other frontrunner Prince Arthur, you get a “Page Not Found” screen. Don’t believe us?? Find the telling evidence for yourself (below)!
The Prince Albert link:
Royal website leaks third royal baby's name
The Prince Arthur link:
Royal website leaks third royal baby's name
We can’t say we’re surprised that Albert is likely the little one’s name. For starters, British bookmakers have listed the moniker with 5-1 odds while taking bets. Not to mention, Albert has been a prominent name in the royal family for some time.
Most notably, Albert was the beloved husband of Queen Victoria — thus it’s popped up among several of the full names of her distinguished descendants. Queen Elizabeth‘s father’s birth name was Albert, until he took the royal name King George VI upon his brother’s abdication. Both Prince Andrew and Prince Harry have Albert as one of their middle names.
You see?? It seems right that a baby Bertie joins the royals at Kensington Palace. (FUN FACT: Queen Victoria was raised at Kensington Palace. The pieces are all coming together!)
Nonetheless, we won’t know the royal tot’s name until the palace makes an official announcement! Stay tuned!!
[Image via WENN.]

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