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Queen's Corgis Nearly Kill Princess Beatrice's Dog

Poor Max…
There was a real snafu at Queen Elizabeth‘s private estate at Balmoral.
The queen’s six corgis (3 purebred, 3 dachshund mixes) were taken on a walk by the royal dog boy along with the York family’s Norfolk terriers.
These terriers include Max, Princess Beatrice‘s pooch.
Nothing out of the ordinary so far, right??? WRONG!!!
The dogs began to have a tiff and before the dog boy knew it, it turned into an all out scrap-fest!
Sources say the six corgis began to gang up on Max and the little guy was nearly killed.
Max walked away with severe bite marks and almost lost an ear in the process.
Princess Beatrice’s beleaguered pooch has had his share of misadventures for a lifetime. Max went missing in 2008 and was found after a three week search.
Hopefully, Max and the other dogs are recovering well!
[Image via AP Images.]

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Aug 21, 2012 13:02pm PDT