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Rabbits GET IT ON Live On TV! Check Out This Super Furry Easter Surprise!

Rabbits have sex live on air during news broadcast! Happy Easter!
Whoa! Those two Easter bunnies are going at it like… rabbits… LOLz!
At a news station in Knoxville, Tennessee, the anchors were having fun with Easter, bringing two cute rabbits onto their desk.
The bunnies pretty quickly did what rabbits do best… they started doing the nasty, right there, live on TV!
The one bunny on top wasn’t very good, though. He started humping the bunny in the side! That’s a seriously advanced move!
Also it doesn’t produce baby bunnies, no matter what that news anchor says. Ha!
So funny, so fluffy, so cute!
Check out the video (below) to see how this news team reacts to rabbits gettin’ down and doing bunny-style, live on the air!

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Apr 22, 2014 13:17pm PDT

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