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Rebel Wilson Had Her First Orgasm At Age 39!

Rebel Wilson First Orgasm 39 Years Old

Wow, Rebel Wilson is really telling all in her tell-all!

The Pitch Perfect star already surprised us with the news she didn’t lose her virginity until she was 35 years old, when she was already famous. And we just learned that was to a co-star, too! Wild stuff! But the latest revelation from Rebel Rising is even more intimate, if you can believe it…

In her memoir she reveals her first real orgasm didn’t come during that (relatively) early relationship. Years later, in fact! That’s pretty common, we guess. It’s just a few years later than most. In fact, Rebel says she didn’t score her first big O until she was 39! Wow!

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That was about five years ago, btw! Basically the height of her movie career, a year she starred in four movies, including that really funny rom com parody Isn’t It Romantic. 2019 was also the year she calls her “Year of Love” in the book. She was really looking at that time — revealing in the memoir she went on dates with about 50 guys (but only hooking up with two).

But it wasn’t one of those guys who unlocked her O-face. According to an informative excerpt obtained by People on Wednesday, it was Rebel herself! She had described being a late bloomer, but it turns out she had never really experimented solo either:

“I’d never really learned about orgasms. When I’d had sex over the past few years, I’d never really thought about my pleasure. It was more about the guy climaxing, and then pretty quickly sex was over. And while I had experienced pleasure, I don’t think at this point I’d truly had an orgasm. I might’ve thought I had…”

But looking for love that year also meant learning about self love. Listening to podcasts about sex led her to buy sex toys online for the first time. And that changed everything! She told readers:

“I truly experienced an orgasm for the first time at 39 just by myself.”

She thought, “Is this what I was missing out on?” She explained:

“My research for my Year of Love taught me that there was so much more to sex than just the guy getting off. I should have been orgasming too. That should have been a priority.”

Hell yes, girl! (And frankly, that should have been the guys’ priority, too! Just sayin’!)

Was YOUR first orgasm long after your first time losing your virginity, Perezcious readers? Feel free to tell your story, if you want, in the comments below!

[Image via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/Warner Bros/YouTube.]

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