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The Difference Between How Much Rebel Wilson Made On Pitch Perfect 1 & 3 Is WILD!

The Difference Between How Much Rebel Wilson Made On Pitch Perfect 1 And 3 Is WILD!

Rebel Wilson’s major money glow-up was just absolutely Pitch Perfect!

After her HIGHlarious intro to audiences in 2011’s Bridesmaids, the world was the Australian actress’ oyster. So she says in her new memoir Rebel Rising. She explained that her small role in the Kristen Wiig-led comedy helped her to book SIX roles — “one of which was Pitch Perfect,” she wrote. But as an up-and-comer, she wasn’t exactly making Leonardo DiCaprio money.

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She explained that for the 2012 a capella comedy, she raked in $65,000, which isn’t breaking the bank but is actually totally fine for a relative newbie in an ensemble film. But after its 2015 sequel became the BIGGEST musical opening weekend ever in terms of box office gross, the studio was keen to secure “Fat Amy” for the third installment. But by then, she had the bargaining power to up her price!

So, for Pitch Perfect 3, which hit theaters in 2017, are there any guesses how much Rebel got paid?? Drumroll, please…

A whopping $10 MILLION! Holy s**t!!!

As she put it in her book, “Cue the big bucks”! LOLz! That’s a long way from the first flick… And an especially long way from what she made for Bridesmaids… $3,500!

But hey, she earned it, right? Along with the other stars, she helped make Pitch Perfect a huge hit on home video — so beloved its sequel pulled off the rare feat of making more in its opening weekend than the first film made its entire theatrical run! Why shouldn’t she get a piece of that, right?

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