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Sad news!

This weekend marked the last time that Coney Island’s iconic “Astroland” amusement park would be open.

Rumors were circulating over the past few days that there was a last minute deal to keep the park open for another year. However, owner Carol Hill Albert, whose family has owned the park for more than four decades, says that’s not the case.

Albert says, “Despite rumors to the contrary, there are absolutely no negotiations going on, and there never were.”

So, Sunday night officially marked the final night for the park, with the rides and lights shutting off for good.

The over 20 rides throughout the 3 acres are now closed. For good.


The only things remaining will be the Coney Island roller coaster and the 150 foot-tall Ferris wheel, both of which are separately owned by the city.

Hundreds of fans visited this last weekend, hoping to enjoy the park for one last time.

As for the owners of Astroland, Albert said she had tried since June to re-negotiate her lease for another year. Currently, the lease was due to expire on January 31, 2009 to Thor Equities which owns 11 acres of seaside property which includes the park.

According to Albert, every time she tried to contact for an extension, the company simply told her they had “no answer.”

But why did she close so quickly and give up just after a few months? She had until the beginning of next year!

Stefan Friedman, a Thor spokesman, said the company was “extremely disappointed” that Albert had “decided to give up on the future of Coney Island” with several months remaining on the lease.

We agree.

But according to Albert’s rep, she had decided to close Astroland only after it became clear that Thor had no intentions of negotiating with her.

And it seems she’s not delaying on selling the rides either.

According to reports, some rides are already being offered for sale online with prices from $95,000 to $199,000 for the bumper cars.


Wonder what they’ll put there instead.

[Image via WENN.]

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Sep 08, 2008 13:17pm PDT

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