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Rosie's Open Letter To Britney

Despite recent reports to the contrary, Rosie O’Donnell says that Britney Spears will not be making an appearance at this Saturday’s stop of the True Colors tour in Los Angeles.
The former View co-host has been doing stand-up at a bunch of the shows and will be in LA.
O’Donnell just posted this video blog on her website.
She says:
“The rumors are swirling that Britney is joining us in LA. Now, Cyndi [Lauper] said it wasn’t happening. And it’s Cyndi’s tour, so she would know. But, if it is happening, I’m thrilled…because I enjoy Britney.
Brit, if you’re watching, honey, you and me! We’re gonna share like a backstage moment. Cuz I love you kid!
[I] love that kid.
Look, I’m talking to her on my blog. It’s sorta like when people do public open letters, you know? That idiot with the comb-over [Donald Trump], he does them a lot. And Candy Sperling or whatever her name is. Spelling, ya.”
Britney or not, we’re gonna have to make a stop at the True Colors tour again this Saturday!

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