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Shakira Knew Clara Chia BEFORE The Affair! She Even Gave Her This Nickname!

Shakira Knew Gerard Pique Mistress Clara Chia

No wonder Shakira is hitting back at Gerard Piqué so hard! It’s always worse when they cheat with the one they told you not to worry about!

Yes, we’re now learning that Clara Chia Marti wasn’t just some girl that Gerard met somewhere when Shakira wasn’t around — the Hips Don’t Lie singer actually knew her! So much worse. According to a report in Marca, Shakira met the much younger woman back when she was just an intern at Piqué’s Kosmos agency — back when they were still a happy couple.

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A source told the outlet Shakira actually liked Clara — and certainly didn’t see a threat to her marriage in the 22- or 23-year-old:

“She passed unnoticed, Shakira never saw a danger because she is not a stunning woman, she is a rather normal girl.”

In fact, says the insider, Shakira liked the young woman enough to give her a nickname: “mosquita muerta.” That translates roughly to “dead mosquito” or “dead little fly.” It’s a phrase referring to someone who overcomes a perceived lack of potential — and innerestingly is also used about someone who comes across harmless but can actually sting! Kind of like a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”… Hmm. The insider says this was the nicer connotation. They say Shak was fond of the girl and felt even more betrayed because of it:

“That’s why it hurt her so much, because he already knew her and called her ‘little dead fly.'”

Maybe so. Or maybe Shakira always had an inkling not to trust the little lady buzzing around her man??

Well, the “mosquita muerta” is certainly dodging the exterminator now! Because Shakira is not playing around when it comes to blasting her ex AND those close to him! Clara reportedly even hired a bodyguard because of all the hate!

What do YOU think of Shakira’s nickname for Clara??

[Image via Sean Thorton/WENN/Gerard Pique/Instagram.]

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Feb 10, 2023 17:57pm PDT

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