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Shanna Moakler Shades 'Narcissist' Ex Travis Barker's Parenting Style & 'Controlling Personality' -- Eek!

Shanna Moakler Shades 'Narcissist' Ex Travis Barker's Parenting Style & 'Controlling Personality' -- Eek!

Shanna Moakler isn’t trying to compete with her ex-husband Travis Barker for the title of World’s Best Parent — because she says she can’t!

The former Playboy model popped up on Jeff Lewis Live over on SiriusXM on Friday morning, and host Jeff Lewis asked her straight-up about her current relationship with the Blink-182 drummer. Of course, the duo shares two kids: 20-year-old son Landon and 18-year-old daughter Alabama, as well as Travis having co-parented Shanna’s other daughter Atiana De La Hoya. But even though the kids have all now turned 18 and flown the proverbial coop, the ex-Playmate still has thoughts about how her and Travis’ parenting styles clashed BIG time!

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Moakler admitted she and Travis used to have a “competition” over who was the better parent to their children when they were younger. But for Shanna, being “scrutinized” to such a great degree by the public forced her to throw in the towel, and she “gave up.” Not on parenting altogether, but on trying to do more than Kourtney Kardashian‘s hubby! Shanna explained:

“It is a topic that I don’t think a lot of people have really scratched the surface on and really have a clear understanding and it happens to both men and women — both mothers and fathers. I think it really comes from like when you’re dealing with like a narcissist or you’re dealing with a controlling personality.”

Uh, whoa! Record scratch!! Did she just lead into a discussion about inter-parent competition and then transition to explicitly calling the 48-year-old drummer “controlling” and “a narcissist”?! Yes, yes, she did!

Acknowledging that Barker is a “very powerful famous person,” Shanna admitted it was hard for her to “compete on that level” with him when it came to winning the kids’ affections! Then, the 49-year-old model added:

“But I gave up. I was never really trying to compete. I gave that up a long time ago. I was like, ‘you win. Like you’re the winner.'”


Travis and Shanna haven’t been a thing for a long time after finalizing their divorce back in 2008. And with their kids now both over 18, they don’t have a ton of reasons to continue to interact, short of one of their children needing something. To that end, even though she and Travis are cordial, Shanna explained the pair doesn’t have a ton to say to each other. And she only wants to focus on Landon and Alabama, anyways! She revealed that the exes “don’t really have a friendship,” but will communicate about family issues. And she added:

“I only care about my children, my relationship with my children. … The one thing we’ve always agreed on is our kids and the best interest of our children.”

So, that part is good! Still, the “narcissist” comment is bound to catch some attention. Heck, it certainly caught ours! Shanna seems to do that a lot, tho…

Watch Shanna explain herself in that Jeff Lewis Live segment (below):

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[Image via Alabama Barker/Instagram/Sheri Determan/MEGA/WENN/Avalon]

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