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Shannen Doherty Wore The Blood-Stained Dress Tori Spelling Lost Her Virginity In!

Shannen Doherty Wore The Dress Tori Spelling Lost Her Virginity In: ‘There Was A Blood Stain’

Tori Spelling and Shannen Doherty used to love sharing clothes back in the day… But there are some items you should just keep to yourself! Like, say, the ones you get deflowered in!

During the latest installment of Tori’s misSPELLING podcast on Sunday, Tori brought on her former co-star to reminisce — and things got unexpectedly wild! The mother of five opened up about losing her virginity to then-boyfriend Ryan Ozar in her Beverly Hills, 90210 days. She told Shannen:

“I didn’t lose my virginity until I was over 18, so it’s not like I haphazardly slept with someone. I thought he was the one.”

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Clearly he wasn’t the only “one” as she cheated on him with Brian Austin Green! LOLz! But even more inneresting than Tori’s virginity story is what happened to the dress she wore during the act! The blonde bombshell told her co-star:

“Do you remember the Betsey Johnson dress that you wore in our biggest cast photo? It was black, floral…We used to share clothes, everything.”

Detecting where things were going, Shannen asked:

“Are you telling me you lost your virginity in my dress?”

Tori, unwilling to transfer ownership of the beloved dress, playfully responded:

“Umm, no, I’m going to say that you wore the dress I lost my virginity in. I told you. What do you mean? I literally said, ‘There’s a blood stain in the back.’”

OMFG! Good thing that stain wasn’t in the cast pic! HA! To make matters even worse, it was a dress Shannen LOVED! She told the podcast host:

“I loved that dress. It was cleaned though. I just don’t think they got that stain out or something… We were going somewhere and I didn’t have anything to wear so I borrowed that dress. I loved that dress. And then I got one exactly like it but all black.”

All black and NO RED! Oof! Sisterhood of the traveling dress, anyone?? Ha! Reactions?? Sound OFF in the comments!

[Images via Tori Spelling/Instagram, ABC/YouTube, & CBS/YouTube]

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