Triathlete Nearly Hacked To Death With A Saw In Horrific Robbery Gone Wrong

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Mhlengi Gwala, a 27-year-old triathlete from South Africa, is lucky to be alive this week after nearly being hacked to death by three men armed with nothing but a handsaw who set out to rob him during a bicycle ride.

Gwala (pictured above) was training as a cyclist in Durban, South Africa, on Tuesday when three men wielding what was originally reported as a chainsaw (!) confronted him and took him to a bushy area.

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It turned out the men were in possession of a very blunt handsaw as their instrument of choice — but what they did to Gwala with it was no less horrific.

After the triathlete offered them his bicycle and all other possessions, the men allegedly decided to hold Gwala down and begin to hack away at his legs with their handsaw.

The only thing that (thankfully) prevented them from being unable to cut the athlete’s legs off was the fact that, according to media reports, the blade of the handsaw wasn’t sharp enough to cut through the bones.


After what must haven been an unimaginably horrific attack, Gwala did manage to drag himself out of the bushes and up to a road, where a passing motorist picked him up and took him to the hospital.

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Cops are still unsure exactly what made the criminals stop their attack on Gwala. Worse yet, doctors still don’t know how the 27-year-old will physically recover, or if he can ever compete as a triathlete again.

Gwala has been conscious and alert at a South Africa hospital for a couple days now, and he’s lucky not to have lost his legs.

He had previously twice represented South Africa in international triathlons, and had been scheduled for the country’s own triathlon championships in two weeks, which he now must miss.

Horrific!!! Here’s hoping he can get his career back on track — and those responsible can be brought to justice.

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Mar 8, 2018 6:40pm PST

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