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Taylor Swift & Kylie Jenner Are The Highest Paid Celebs -- See Who Else Topped The 'Forbes' List This Year!

Taylor Swift and Kylie Jenner top highest paid celebs list.

You couldn’t step on Taylor Swift’s gown even if you wanted to!
The You Need to Calm Down songstress has once again earned the top spot on Forbes’ highest paid celebrities list, and she’s very much outdone herself with her biggest earnings yet. According to the outlet, Tay’s estimated pay last year was a whopping $185 million pre-tax; over $100 more than the $80 million pay she raked in back in 2018.
Right behind the pop superstar is the world’s youngest billionaire — ahem, self-made billionaire — Kylie Jenner, who was second on the list with $170 million in earnings.
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The KUWTK star placed so high on the list thanks to her frighteningly successful makeup business. In 2018, the 21-year-old sold an estimated $360 million worth of Kylie Cosmetics — a large chunk of which came from her distribution deal with UltaHer company is said to be worth at least $900 million, and Jenner owns a 100% stake in the company. 
As for Swift, most of the earnings came from her tour income. Her Reputation stadium circuit, which kicked off last year, became the highest grossing U.S. tour ever since Billboard began tracking tours in 1990, generating $266.1 million domestically.
The songstress also earned millions more from Netflix acquiring her live concert special, in addition to her deals with Apple, AT&T, and Diet Coke
Tour revenue also helped Tay top Forbes’ list back in 2017, when she brought in $170 million largely thanks to her 1989 World Tour. Despite her stellar track record, however, plenty of doubt was cast on whether her Reputation shows would be successful.

The 29-year-old addressed the doubts people had during her iHeartRadio Music Awards appearance earlier this year. While accepting the award for Tour of the Year, she said:

“I think one of the most wonderful things about the way that this whole tour turned out is that for like the entire six months leading up to the first show of this tour, every headline that I read about the tour was, ‘This is going to be a massive failure. This is going to be a flop tour.’ And you know, it really did wonders for my self-esteem. It was really great to hear people saying that I was going to be playing to nearly empty stadiums. I’ve learned a lot. I’ve learned a lot. And one of the things that I’ve learned is life is really unpredictable and people can make forecasts, and they can make predictions, but those predictions and forecasts may not come true if there’s an unforeseeable factor involved. And that unforeseeable factor in this case was my fans. So honestly, I honestly owe everything, everything in my life to you.”

The rest of Forbes’ top five includes Kanye West, who came in at No. three with $150 million, and Ed Sheeran, who placed at No. five with $110 million.
See which other artists, personalities, and athletes made up the rest of the top 40 (below)!

  1. Taylor Swift, $185 M
  2. Kylie Jenner, $170 M
  3. Kanye West, $150 M
  4. Lionel Messi, $127 M
  5. Ed Sheeran, $110 M
  6. Cristiano Ronaldo, $109 M
  7. Neymar, $105 M
  8. The Eagles, $100 M
  9. Dr. Phil, $95 M
  10. Canelo Alvarez, $94 M
  11. Roger Federer, $93.4 M
  12. Howard Stern, $93 M
  13. J.K. Rowling, $92 M
  14. Russell Wilson, $89.5 M
  15. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, $89.4 M
  16. Aaron Rodgers, $89.3 M
  17. LeBron James, $89 M
  18. Rush Limbaugh, $89 M
  19. Elton John, $84 M
  20. JAY-Z, $81 M 
  21. Beyoncé, $81 M
  22. Ellen DeGeneres, $80.5 M
  23. Stephen Curry, $79.8 M
  24. Chris Hemsworth, $76.4 M
  25. Drake, $75 M
  26. Kim Kardashian West, $72 M
  27. Ryan Seacrest, $71.5 M
  28. Diddy, $70 M
  29. James Patterson, $70 M
  30. Metallica, $68.5 M
  31. Robert Downey Jr., $66 M
  32. Kevin Durant, $65.4 M
  33. Akshay Kumar, $65 M
  34. Tiger Woods, $63.9 M
  35. Gordon Ramsay, $63 M
  36. Rihanna, $62 M
  37. David Copperfield, $60 M
  38. Kevin Hart, $59 M
  39. Jackie Chan, $58 M
  40. Travis Scott, $58 M

Head over to Forbes to see the top 100 highest paid celebs!
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