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Animal Cruelty

Teen Goes On Animal Killing Spree In Oklahoma Pet Store

Teen Couple Killed Animals Pet Store Oklahoma

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

What in the serious eff…

In a story that we simply cannot believe is real, an Oklahoma teen has pled guilty this week to the brutal killing of multiple cute little animals in an Oklahoma City pet store. According to shocked employees and security footage, it went down like this…

A young couple entered the Petland on July 13, supposedly looking to purchase a puppy. But as the young woman stood watch, the boy turned into a savage killing machine before anyone could stop him. Per the police report, for no known reason, the young man snapped the neck of a parakeet and strangled a bunny. He eventually let it go, but too late — it convulsed and died on the floor just a moment later. He then brought a hamster into the parking lot and stomped on it. According to the store, a guinea pig also went missing.

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Police released photos of the couple on their Facebook page. After identifying the young man as Christopher Jameson, they put out an arrest warrant for the 19-year-old on July 28. He turned himself in the next day.

Oklahoma Teens Pet Store Massacre
(c) KOKH Fox25

On Tuesday he pleaded guilty to one count of felony cruelty to animals, one count of larceny of merchandise from retailer, and one count of offenses pertaining to animals. Doesn’t even seem like enough, does it? Cruelty barely covers what he did…

No motive has yet been revealed for these heinous actions. And if the young woman has been identified, police have not said so — it’s possible she won’t be charged if prosecutors don’t think they can prove she knew what Jameson would do.

Jameson’s sentencing will have to wait. For now he’s going to have to complete an RID (Regimented Inmate Discipline) program, followed by mental health treatment — all while in custody. After that, in March 2024 he’ll face his sentencing for the detestable crimes.

Christopher Jameson Mugshot
(c) Oklahoma County Detention Center

What do YOU think should be done with someone who does something so… blatantly horrifying?

[Image via KOKH Fox25.]

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