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Teen Girl Dies At Waterpark After First Responders Couldn't Find Her For 30 MINUTES In Murky Water

Teen Girl Killed Waterpark Mykiara Jones Land Of Illusion Ohio

We can’t believe we’re already reporting on another waterpark death this summer…

This horrifying incident really calls into question the safety measures at the Land of Illusion Aqua Adventures Park in Middletown, Ohio if you ask us.

According to reports, Mykiara Jones was bouncing on one of the park’s many inflatable structures, which sit upon a pool that is essentially a small lake, at around 5 p.m. Tuesday night when she slipped off and fell into the water — and never resurfaced.

The truly shocking thing is that the 14-year-old was reportedly not found for 30 minutes!

The Butler County Sheriffs and fire department were called in after a report of a drowned juvenile — however, the sheriff’s office says it wasn’t until 5:30, about a half hour after she fell in, that a park lifeguard located her body. They then attempted to resuscitate her, but it was too late. She was flown to the hospital where she was then declared dead.

When asked why it took so long, Fire chief Kent Hall explained that the water at the park was more like “a pond” than a pool — very difficult to see through. She was, according to witnesses, not wearing a life vest.

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So at this park kids are free to roughhouse on top of all these inflatable slides and staircases and castles — but if they fall over, instead of falling onto dirt like at a normal playground, they fall into a dark abyss where they won’t be found for half an hour?? What the actual eff??

Land of Illusion posted on its Facebook page that they were “saddened to learn of the passing of a young girl” and would stay closed on Wednesday “out of respect for her and her family, and for our employees who are also dealing with this tragedy.” They added:

“We are fully supporting state and local officials as they investigate the incident. We would like to thank first responders and all those who participated in the rescue effort. We ask that you join us in sending thoughts and prayers and our deepest condolences to our guest’s family and friends, as well as to the team members and guests who were onsite last evening during this tragedy.”

Mykiara was about to be a freshman at Middletown High School. Her middle school teachers described her as a “rare gem” science teacher Lori Baker told WLWT:

“She radiated joy every single day of her life. She kind of lived by the motto to always be your best self, and I think she inspired others around her to do the same.”

Math teacher Jennifer King said she had an “infectious” positive attitude and even after getting the highest score on testing of any student she’d ever had, she still “wanted to do better” the next time.

It sounds like a tremendous loss not just for her family but for the entire community and the world. So horrible, and sad as it is to say, seemingly preventable.

[Image via Land of Illusion Adventure Park/YouTube.]

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Jul 23, 2021 08:40am PDT

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