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The Dark Knight Director's Brother Arrested For Murder!

The Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan‘s brother is in some serious trouble, according to law enforcement!
Christopher’s bro, Matthew Nolan, was arrested by FBI agents in Chicago last month while the Chicago police were investigating Nolan’s involvement with a $700,000 dollar bank-fraud scheme.
But Nolan wasn’t arrested due to the bank-fraud. It turns out that Matthew was wanted by police in Costa Rica for the kidnapping and murder of a Florida businessman!!!
Holy cow, Batman! That’s some serious stuff.
Nolan reportedly kidnapped Robert C. Cohen in Costa Rica in an attempt to extort $7 million dollars from Cohen’s family due to debts Robert owed another business man. When his family failed to front the dough, Nolan and his accomplice allegedly killed Cohen!
No word yet from the The Dark Knight director on the reaction to his brother’s arrest, but hopefully Christopher will want nothing to do with his scumbag brother!

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Mar 20, 2009 13:05pm PDT

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