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The First Reviews!!!!


A few Perezcious readers were lucky enough to experience the hot mess that was Paula Abdul‘s pre-taped Super Bowl performance on Sunday.

How bad was it???? Was it actually good????

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Natasha writes in:

“Just got back from the Paula Super Bowl taping. First of all it took forever for them to let anyone in, I was in the 3PM group and they made us wait outside, in the rain and wind for about an hour and a half before they let us in. The 12 group was held in a holding room all day and they combined our two groups. Anyway, people were all bitching and moaning├óΓé¼┬ªbut not ME! I couldn├óΓé¼Γäót wait to see the lovely Hot Mess Paula A! Woo! So we all went into the studio and Paula did three takes. The show started out with Paula pulling a Geri Spice, being lifted into the air by about 5 young skinny men, she had a drum line play along with the band and cheerleaders being flung into the air. She had on this little black fitted tuxedo vest, elbow high black gloves and tight tight black strech pants ├óΓé¼ΓÇ£ OHH and the ever hot Top Hat. She looking Freakin Fab, absolutely Delicious! Paula danced her little ass off ├óΓé¼ΓÇ£ she├óΓé¼Γäós everything Britney wishes she could be and more!!! Paula was so gracious to the audience, stopping several times to shake hands and chat. Paula said this was the biggest thing that has happened in her career and she wanted to thank all of us for being a part of it. She also said this felt so good that she├óΓé¼Γäós thinking she may have to go back out on Tour! I think EVERYONE is going to be in SHOCK when they see her bit on the Super Bowl. Girl knows how to put on a show!”

Meanwhile, Perezcious reader Minh had a VERY bad time.

Says Minh:

“i came at 11:30 a.m. for the 12 o clock show

paula never showed up… she came around 2 and i couldnt take it … i waited until 4 and s family member of one of paulas backupdancers came in and told us paula was having a meltdown. couldnt take any more of it and i left.

so did 60 other people in the audience

never watching american idol again.”

Another Perezcious reader echoes that sentiment.

Linelle says:

“Well, we waited a total of 6 hours, thats right 6 hours for the Diva
to come out. By that time, half the audience had already left.
According to one of the P.A.’s they were all waiting for paula to come
out. When she finally came out she gave us a “great” lip-sync
performance. Half the time she wasn’t keeping up with vocal track. But
overall, a hot mess!!!

P.S. When she tried to talk to the audience she was slurring her words
and not making sense. Put it this way her assistant was not giving her
water in the bottle.”

Angela writes in:

“At first I was so excited to see Paula Abdul perform…okay not really, I just wanted to be apart of Superbowl history, but than it got really ridiculous. It was raining like crazy and they made us wait in a small crowded warehouse before they took us to the stage. And most of us didnt even make it! The stage crew kept on saying thigns like “oh thank you for being patient, we will get you in in 15 minutes!” yea right. that 15 minutes turned into 5 hours because Paula had a meltdown. me and my friends left. i dont care how much ppl say that performance rocked, it probably tanked. we all know Paula A does worse lipsyncing than the ashley simpson fiasco on snl. And she was prolie more stoned and drunk than britney was at the VMAs. I am offically boycotting American Idol now.

p.s. the stage crew didnt even let some guy pee when he needed to…..LAME….what a waste of a day”

And Joshua writes in:

“Paula’s performance was FABULOUS!!! The biotch rocked like she did 15 years ago!! First she opened with a snippet of “Forever Your Girl” and went into her new single (that is #1 on iTunes). She hit every mark-the choreography was incredible. Yes, she lip synced…we knew she would, but the performance was fantastic! I honestly believe this performance is going to be HUGE! Paula did not half ass this one bit…you could tell she was so excited to be on stage. She has the same pple working for when she was on tour in ’91-’92. Not only did she rock it-she interacted with the audience and you could tell she was genuinely greatful we were there. PAULA’S BACK BIOTCHES-move over rookies!!
Perez, I’m telling you, you will be very impressed! My friends and I ran to buy her Greatest Hits CD after the performance because we were so excited!!
-Joshua aka JoshDaStud03

PS Linelle – she did not slur, she was out of breath from kicking some serious ass on stage!!”

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