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With Britney no longer being the Princess of Pop, it seems like Lindsay Lohan is looking to take over her tarnished throne!

Apparently, LaLohan is reallygoing to give her music career another try. The actress, and occasional singer, was rumored to be working with Beyonce hitmaker Ne-Yo on her upcoming album. 50 cent is also rumored to be a collaborator.

While on the red carpet at the Grammys this Sunday, Ne-Yo confirmed the rumors that he will be working with Lohan. As if he’s actually proud of that?

As if!

No word yet on how much this will hurt Ne-Yo’s career and credibility, but at least he might be getting some firecrotch in the process!

Fuck for tracks.

[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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Feb 12, 2008 11:29am PDT

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