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Model Says She's 'Tired Of Being Pretty' -- Lists Disadvantages To Being Beautiful In Viral TikTok!

model lists disadvantages to being pretty tired of being beautiful tiktok

A model is showing the world a new perspective on “pretty privilege” in a series of TikTok videos.

Emily Adonna, a model from California, is opening up about what it’s really like to be conventionally attractive — and she says it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. In one of her videos she replies to a commenter who said being beautiful is “always a privilege” and “everyone would use it if they could”:

“Pretty privilege is a thing, I’m not here to deny that, but it comes with disadvantages. I’ve never once been in a job where I haven’t been harassed. I’ve rarely been in social situations where I haven’t been harassed. People don’t usually take ‘No’ as an answer with me, because they think I’m something to be possessed. People do not ask before touching me in public, I am grabbed regularly, I’ve been assaulted by a stranger.”

Just awful. No one should ever be in a position where anyone feels entitled to them. No always means no.

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She continues, claiming she once even passed up a business opportunity because she was allegedly told she was “too young and beautiful” and it’d be “too distracting” for others in the industry. The model has also noticed a difference in how she’s treated from when she’s dressed up and when she’s dressed casually:

“I am treated differently, and it is night and day, from when I go in public with a mask and raggedy old oversized clothes, and looking how I am right now. When I look raggedy, people don’t touch me, they don’t feel entitled to me.”

Emily’s video caused quite a debate of the topic — which lead to her making a follow-up in response to a commenter saying she should “be grateful and move on”. The TikTok user claimed due to her beauty she’s been asked questions in response to her harassment such as “what were you wearing?”, “were you too nice?” and “why were you alone?”, and this is her main issue:

“It’s the idea that because I’m present and I’m pretty, there is a sense of entitlement to that space, or that I’m automatically associated with something sexual — that’s the part I don’t like. People say ‘Well you’re a model, so you should be used to the attention or you should want this attention. That’s what you do it for right?’, no.”

No matter your occupation or appearance, it doesn’t give anyone a right to invade your personal space. It’s awful that anyone would have to hear these comments and questions…

In a third and final video, the model admitted she’s “tired of being pretty”. So much so, in fact, she got a nose piercing and tattoos she said are “culturally designed to destroy beauty”.

Ch-ch-check out the videos (below):

@emilyadonnaa Replying to @spiritsofedenco #prettyprivilege #womenjustice #equality #model #lgbt ♬ original sound – Em

@emilyadonnaa Replying to @jillle10 ♬ original sound – Em

The video series has viewers divided, with some comments agreeing with her and others expressing their firm disagreement:

“Girls who aren’t pretty by societal standards also get harassed in most social and professional situations. it’s not a pretty privilege side effect.

Why do pretty women think only pretty women are assaulted?

So many haters here. They’re only hating because you’re pretty; they’re partially proving your point without even realizing it.

Disadvantage – everyone not taking your pain seriously because you’re pretty so ‘it’s not that bad’ and they don’t genuinely care because jealousy.”

What do U think, Perezcious readers? Do you agree with Emily? Sound OFF with your thoughts in the comments (below).

[Image via TikTok/emilyadonnaa]

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Dec 06, 2022 17:31pm PDT

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