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Tom Brady Says He Tested Positive For COVID Back In February, After Winning The Super Bowl

Tom Brady says he was diagnosed with COVID after this past year's Super Bowl win!

Tom Brady has revealed that he tested positive for COVID-19 and spent some time quarantining because of the disease late this past February, after his Tampa Bay Buccaneers had won the Super Bowl.

In an interview with the Tampa Bay Times published on Saturday, the legendary quarterback revealed that not only did he test positive for COVID-19 after the team’s Super Bowl victory and ensuing boat parade, but that his parents also tested positive for the virus, too.

Thankfully, everybody recovered and has since been deemed healthy, but that’s obviously quite a scare.

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Brady and his team, the Buccaneers, head into the current NFL football season — which starts this coming week, after the Labor Day holiday — with an impressive 100% team-wide vaccination rate. The Bucs are just the second team in the league to reach that 100% threshold, following the Atlanta Falcons.

That’s big, because the league has mandated rigorous testing and tracing protocols for players who choose not to get the vaccine — and it could have serious effects on the field. Brady pontificated on that during this weekend’s interview after his own COVID reveal, saying:

“I actually think [COVID] is going to play more of a factor this year than last year, just because of the way what we’re doing now and what the stadium is going to look like and what the travel is going to look like and the people in the building and the fans. It’s not like last year, although we’re getting tested like last year. It’s going to be, I definitely think guys are going to be out at different points and we’ve just got to deal with it.”

The smart thing to do — as Brady has done — is to just get the f**king vaccine!!!!

But what do we know…

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Speaking of COVID as it relates to sporting events around America, college football kicked off in full this Labor Day weekend. There were plenty of fun games for sports fans but, uhhh, there was also this scene (below), which played out at many college stadiums across the country on Saturday:

That one in particular is Lane Stadium on the campus of Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia, where the Hokies upset the tenth-ranked University of North Carolina on Saturday.

All the energy and pageantry is fun AF!!! But we’re not exactly done with the pandemic yet, guys?!

And in fact, according to Centers for Disease Control data, areas like southwest Virginia are getting hit particularly hard right now with severe cases.

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Just gonna sit over here and keep on quietly suggesting that you (1) get vaccinated, (2) continue to wear your mask to help prevent spread, and (3) try to avoid massive crowds like, uhhh, that one in the video clip.

Thoughts, Perezcious readers?!

Sound OFF with your take on ‘Merica, football, and COVID down in the comments (below)…

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