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Tom Sandoval Actually Apologizes To Ex Ariana Madix For Something! Whoa!

Tom Sandoval Actually Apologizes To Ex Ariana Madix For Something! Whoa!

Hold up! Did Tom Sandoval just take some accountability for his actions for once?

During Tuesday night’s episode of Vanderpump Rules, Scheana Shay sat down with the 41-year-old bar owner and talked about Ariana Madix’s new relationship with Daniel Wai. Although Sandoval recognized things were most likely “a little awkward” for everyone, especially since the couple went on the group trip to San Francisco, he also felt Ariana would “mentally” be able to deal with the situation since he was around:

“I found out, I was like, well, that’s really good because I was always worried about her mentally with this whole situation. I just feel she’s there. She has somebody with her and like that she would just be better and be able to handle it better.”

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That’s when Scheana had the perfect opportunity to address his behavior during Scandoval — like how he weaponized Ariana’s mental health struggles by talking about them publicly! As you may recall, Sandoval claimed she “threatened to f**ing kill herself” when he tried to break up with her. Of course, he used this as an excuse for cheating on her for months with her best friend, Rachel Leviss. Ugh. And that didn’t fly with anyone, especially Ariana.

Now, Scheana wonders if Sandoval could apologize to the 38-year-old Broadway star for his actions so the group could (hopefully) move forward one day. She explained that thought in a confessional:

“I’m trying to get Sandoval to understand that exposing private details about her mental health makes things so much worse. If he could genuinely apologize, maybe there’s some hope in this group of moving forward one day.”

Hmm. That seems unlikely if you ask us! But Scheana continued to push Sandoval to make amends, saying to him:

“I’m just asking if you could say, ‘You know what, maybe I shouldn’t have said that to deflect from my actions and make an excuse for it.’ When at the end of the day, she just wanted to make it work. She didn’t freeze her eggs just for herself. She didn’t go to couples therapy just for herself. She didn’t buy a house just for herself. She did all of these things to build a life with you. And that’s it.”

Prepare to be shocked, folks! Sandoval then admitted HE was the one to screw up! The Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras frontman said:

“Me explaining where I was emotionally and mentally has come across as blaming Ariana. I’m not. I screwed up and no matter how our relationship went south in ways, she didn’t deserve that.”

Huh. Wow! He did it. And yet honestly, that apology is too little, too late! He had plenty of chances to do the right thing amid Scandoval. However, he continuously blamed Ariana for the cheating scandal instead of taking accountability. Plus, we will believe Sandoval is sorry when he says an apology to the Something About Her co-owner (and not just Scheana) without any excuses attached!

But even if Sandy extends an olive branch to her, she most likely will never forgive him or forget about the affair. No matter what anyone tells her, including Brock Davies, she’s unwilling to budge on that stance! While Scheana’s hubby pushed Ariana to find space for “forgiveness,” believing it’ll give her “the ability to focus on the good things that you have going on around you,” she doesn’t see it that way. Ariana fired back at him:

“In order to move on happily with your life and focus on the good, you 100% do not have to forgive anyone who’s traumatized you. There’s power to me in hurt and anger and in female emotion and being able to have that and not being put in this position of you have to take the high road or be stoic or be ‘strong’ at every moment in order to have power. I think there’s power and all those emotions and I stand by that.”

Yes, girl! Ariana doubled down on her stance in a confessional, saying:

“The notion that you have to forgive or to move on in your life, that’s outdated therapy, gray rocking and going no contact is literally the only way to avoid the s**t, the manipulation, all of it. It’s me, I’m a gray rock.”

Good for Ariana for standing her ground. She owes absolutely nothing to Sandoval, especially after it took him so long to even own up to a small part of his mistakes. Reactions, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments!

[Image via Vanderpump Rules/Peacock]

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