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Reality TV Crew Arrested For Trying To Smuggle Fake 'Bomb' Through Airport Security -- They Even Wanted To Film TSA's Reaction!!

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One place you probably shouldn’t stage a bomb scare? The airport.
Yet one brilliant production team thought it would a good idea to film the smuggling of a phony bomb through the security checkpoint at Newark Liberty International Airport — without running it by the TSA!
At least seven people were arrested on Thursday after security detected a suspicious item that appeared to look like an improvised explosive device.
According to airport officials, the defendants all claimed to work for a CNBC reality show and had hired an engineer to craft the faux-bomb out of vacuum cleaner parts, PVC pipe, and a flexible hose.
Video: Naked Man Arrested After Throwing Shit At Airport Travelers
The crew, reportedly part of the show Staten Island Hustle, admitted they wanted to film the TSA officers’ reactions after seeing the “bomb,” as well as the mass panic they hoped would ensue. Genius plan so far!
What they didn’t count on — for some reason — was being arrested by security and having their van impounded. Now, the crew members can face civil penalties of up to $13,000 for each violation.
The show’s producer, Endemol Shine North America, released a statement saying it was “looking into the details of what happened as a matter of priority,” adding:

“While this process is ongoing we are unable to comment further but in the meantime, we sincerely apologize for any disruption caused.”

How sorry can they be for a disruption they planned on filming? And more importantly, how else did they expect this to pan out?
At least someone finally made the TSA look good by comparison.
[Image via Universal Pictures.]

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Jan 19, 2018 15:59pm PDT

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