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Two Arrested After Missing Colorado Man’s Body Was Found Buried In Cement In Their Condo Crawl Space

Two Arrested After Missing Colorado Man’s Body Was Found Buried In Cement In Their Condo Crawl Space

Two people were taken into custody after authorities found the body of a Colorado man who disappeared months ago in a “clandestine grave.”

According to a press release from the Aurora Police Department, they received a Crime Stoppers tip about a murder that happened sometime between six to eight months ago and was buried in a crawl space and then covered in concrete at a condo in Colorado on Monday. Officers said:

“The tip stated the victim, a 36-year-old man who had been missing since summer 2022, was buried in a crawl space and covered in concrete.”

Law enforcement first went to the apartment to follow up on the tip. However, it was not until officers with the Major Crimes Homicide Unit obtained a search warrant for the residence that they discovered a hidden grave under the floor earlier this week. Per the press release, the detectives worked with “outside contractors to carefully recover the body.”

Since the horrific discovery, two people have been arrested. A 29-year-old woman named Casie Block after police found the “clandestine grave in the crawl space of her condo.” She was charged with one count of accessory to the homicide on Tuesday. Then, 38-year-old Haskel Leroy Crawford was charged with first-degree murder on Thursday. However, he was already being held at Jefferson County Jail on unrelated homicide charges.

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Per an affidavit obtained by Fox31, the body has been identified as Karl Beaman Jr. His family members revealed to the police that they had not been in contact with the victim since May 2022. When one of them made a Facebook page to try and find him, that is when they received a tip from an anonymous account that Karl was buried underneath the crawl space of Casie’s home. The message said:

“He’s buried under Casie Bock’s apartment in the crawlspace, under cement. Her and Leroy [Crawford] did it. I’m sorry.”

The unidentified person also claimed that Haskel was high one day and confessed to them that he got into an altercation with Karl after the two allegedly stole some catalytic converters. The tipster noted Haskel then allegedly killed him because he thought the victim was secretly working with the police. Cops later received a similar tip via Crime Stoppers with almost the same details as the person who provided the information to Karl’s family.

Police spoke with the anonymous tipster, who told them Casie allegedly also admitted to helping Haskel clean up after the murder inside their apartment and bury him in a “shallow” grave. The two then allegedly placed the cement over the victim to hide the smell.

After being taken into custody, Casie spoke with the authorities about what happened. She claimed Haskel and Karl were “best friends.” Casie then recalled that she returned home from work one day – only to find Karl lying on the floor with a plastic bag over his head. She alleged that Haskel told her he murdered him to protect their family, and he threatened her if she did not help move the body. Ultimately, she confessed that Haskel murdered Karl, and she helped hide the victim.

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[Image via Aurora Colorado PD]

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