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It's A Frenzy!


We don’t play video games anymore, but it seems like MILLIONS of you still do.

The new “Grand Theft Auto 4” just went on sale Tuesday. And the reaction?

Fans were lining up outside just to be the first to grab some copies!

It’s like the Tickle Me Elmo craze, but for older kiddies.

Retailers were taking advance orders for the game weeks ago, and many of the stores opened their doors at midnight to allow eager fans the first opportunity to purchase the game.

Estimates are that the first-week sales for the game will be around $400 million!


What’s the appeal of the game???

One crazy devoted fan, John Alba, who waited in line at a GameStop in New York for hours to purchase the game, says, “It gives you the opportunity to escape reality. This game has everything — sex, drugs, cars, money … anything you want.”

We thought that’s what the internet was for!

The game’s maker, Take-Two Interactive Software, is facing a $2 billion takeover from its rival, Electronic Arts.

Take-Two has rejected EA’s $2 billion offer. CRAZY!! How do you turn down $2 billion? Apparently they see the figure as too low and are waiting to receive the dollar amounts from Grand Theft Auto’s recent release.

Judging from their first-week sales, holding out seems like a smart move!

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Apr 30, 2008 12:15pm PDT

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