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World's Tallest Water Slide Shutting Down For Good After Child's Decapitation

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As a result of the ten-year-old boy who was killed while riding a the world’s tallest water slide in Kansas City, the park has decided to close the attraction.
You may recall, Caleb Thomas Schwab, son of Kansas State Representative Scott Schwab, died in August when he was decapitated in a horrific accident on the 168-foot-tall Verr├â┬╝ckt slide at KC’s Schlitterbahn Water Park.
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After three months of investigation into the boy’s death, Schlitterbahn has officially announced they will be closing the ride for good.
The company released a statement on Tuesday, saying:

“All of us at Schlitterbahn have been heartbroken over the tragedy that occurred on Verr├â┬╝ckt. In our 50 years of providing an environment for families and friends to gather, we’ve never experienced this kind of devastating event. The safety of our staff and our guests is our top priority. We are parents and grandparents ourselves and many of us have ridden Verr├â┬╝ckt with our own children and grandchildren over the years it operated.”

The statement went on to say:

“Once the investigation is concluded and we are given permission by the court, Verr├â┬╝ckt will be decommissioned ├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥ closed permanently and the slide removed from the tower. In our opinion, it is the only proper course of action following this tragedy. We will, at some point in the future, announce what will be built in its place.”

As for the Schwab family, it’s not clear at this time whether they will sue or settle with the park. When it comes to criminal charges being filed, while Kansas City PD is still investigating, a source told KSHB it’s very unlikely to happen.
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We’re sure the boy’s family is happy to hear the news of the ride being torn down as their attorney, Michael C. Rader, released a statement following the Verruckt:

“On behalf of the Schwabs, I have been working in conjunction with Schlitterbahn and their attorneys in permanently decommissioning the slide and ensuring that it is eventually torn down… The slide cannot be torn down until all investigations and potential litigation has concluded.”

Obviously nothing makes up for the tragic loss, but it’s at least comforting to know that the CLEARLY unsafe ride won’t bring any harm to anyone else!
What are your thoughts on the record-holding ride closing down?
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