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Wedding Crasher 'Karen' RUINED Next Door Neighbor's Wedding With Noisy Lawn Work -- WATCH!

karen neighbor ruins wedding ceremony with yard work

A viral TikTok video has surfaced showing a couple’s wedding day being ruined by a next door neighbor!

The video shows a beautiful bride walking down the aisle, and the text on the screen reads:

“The second the brides song came on and she walked down the isle this Karen decided to PURPOSELY mow her lawn and yell at us to ruin the wedding … wait until the end to see her.”

Yep, just as the text says — the annoying buzzing of yard equipment can be heard. She waited for the bridal entrance to begin doing her yard work?! That’s just cold…

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The video then cuts to the happy couple being led through the ceremony by a pastor. As the officiant begins part of the “I Do” vows, the lawn care equipment starts up again! The video reads:

“She continued through the entire wedding and we could not hear the vows, etc.”

It COMPLETELY drowned out the rest of the speech! What does this neighbor have against this poor couple’s wedding?!

The video then is panned to show the culprit, an older woman — being dubbed as a “Karen” online — holding a weed-eater and trimming her overgrown grass! Yes, really! Right in the middle of the ceremony! Could it not have waited until later? Allegedly, the woman knew exactly what she was doing when interrupting the ceremony — she even looked directly into the camera while the video was being filmed!

In a follow up comment, the user who posted the video said that the family attending went up to the woman and spoke to her:

“Yes we went up to her no she was not kind, not everyone has a reason to be a c**t some people are just rude like that. It’s truly unfortunate.”

Unfortunate, indeed! Sadly, this kind of behavior is way too common — how else did the internet come up with the famous nickname “Karen” for situations like this?? The comments on the TikTok video had a lot to say, many of the watchers saying the untimely yard work was uncalled for:

“At that age, they will not change.

Now I’d be committed to randomly ringing her doorbell at 3am at least once a week for eternity.

Umm yeah that wouldn’t fly in my family…

I dont get how someone could be so spiteful. it’s really sad to watch.”

But not everyone believed she was in the wrong, either! Some comments jumped to the elderly woman’s defense:

“Maybe you’re the villain and this is her revenge

I mean don’t get married in a suburb, that helps…

That’s something you have to accept when you don’t pay for a venue tho, it’s her property she didn’t agree to a wedding.”

Hmm…it seems like this argument is pretty split down the middle! One thing is for sure though, we hope the bride and groom had a big celebration on their special day!

See the full video (below)


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What do U think, Perezcious readers? Who was in the wrong here? Let us know in the comments (below)

[Image via TikTok/Vampyyric]

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Jun 22, 2022 06:50am PDT

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