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Bai Ling is speaking out about her shoplifting arrest!
The “actress” just posted the following entry on her official blog:
“Thursday, February 14, 2008
No matter what happens, today is a Valentines day, I still want to wish all the loved ones are together sharing love and smile and a tender kiss under the beautiful sky
Here I am in Albuquerque with my heart feeling sad, and my emotions are running through me like a wild river, tears come from the lake of my heart hurt my eyes. Life happens to you either you liked it or not, sometimes I feel you have to be so brave to stand in front of the World, and just hope that people will have a tender heart toward you. Right now I just walked from the set to My trailer, cold, but the evening brightness on the sky is just so beautiful in Albuquerque, so beautiful, it takes my breath away like a bralliant lover, nature is my gift, no matter what happens it always there to confort me give me wisdom and love, how lucky I am to have it and recognise its beauty and power. So beautiful here in Albuquerque, the desert the wild endless land, the stars and the moon so up high there quietly singing a Valentines song. Many many friends called me today but I can not talk because I am shooting, I want to thank all my friends and the people that I don’t even know out there cared for me and send me love. Its a gift and I am lucky to have you. Thankful with all my heart to all of you and send my Valentines love smile to you, with my sweet sad heart.

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Feb 15, 2008 08:30am PDT

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