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With their reunion tour winding down, Geri Haliwell has posted this poignant entry on the official Spice Girls blog, reminiscing about their epic Madison Square Garden show and being back together with the ladies.
She says:
So we’ve just played Madison Square Garden and it was amazing. We finally did it as a five piece (the girls did it once before after I left) and I feel so delighted… mission almost accomplished. The energy and atmosphere were amazing.
Victoria’s son Cruz was a little star. We all had our children up on stage tonight and Cruz started break dancing! How cool is that? It’s clearly in the family.
So, we have got six shows left to do and it’s rather like a countdown. I feel a mixture of sadness and joy. I know it’s time to come home yet I will miss everyone from the tour.
I love New York so, so much and I have had a blast here. I hit the ground running… enjoying the nightlife, the vintage shopping, the food and the people. I am in love with New York. I feel like I found a part of me that I had kind of forgotten. The Statue Of Liberty is in view as I write this and she certainly has Girl Power. New York has been liberating.
I’ve also been exposed to the world of street-style dance, and it’s so cool to see fresh talent, it’s so raw and real. Being around our tour dancers has been a privilege; they have opened my eyes to the craft of dance.
And so I close on this note… what I have learnt is that I can never say never. If you’d asked me ten years ago if I would have been at Madison Square Garden with the Spice Girls, I would have said no. But look what has happened, and that is my lesson. Job done.
Big hug and night night. I’m going out dancing now with Emma and the rest of the gang.
Much love,
Geri x”

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Feb 19, 2008 20:39pm PDT