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Unemployed actress Michelle Rodriguez just posted this meandering rant on her official website.

She’s crazy….but in a kinda smart way!

“August 6 , 2007

I am incredibly grateful for the support of such cool people, especially for the outstretched hands of love towards animals. I feel the day we turn our backs on nature and it’s wild life is truly the day we decide we don’t love anymore, hopefully I won’t live to see this awful cyber robotic mentality hell of a cold lifeless generation. I love the fact that you guys are down to care for animals like that. It’s so hot to know the love is out there. I can’t wait to start writing my child animal movie project script for you guys. It’s those souls that still have that childlike purity that I want to reach out to and entertain, especially if it penetrates the minds of others seeking positive change. To see this kind of energy makes me feel I’m not alone, and it reminds me to imagine, create, and shape a path for story telling. I will not disappoint you, and I’m working hard to give myself the freedom I need to take off for a year and write, as I have wanted to for 13 years. I am about to embark on a journey with one of my favorite story tellers and mythology manifestors of all time. I wouldn’t mind being this man’s assistant, anything I could learn from him would make me so happy. I’m so not type to ass kiss, and I’ve never had a mentor in this business not anyone I respect as much. Case and point, I’m very happy right now, and I feel good about finally shedding my last pieces of dead skin, being born as a newly evolved creature and revealing to everyone who couldn’t see before what I’m truly about. For the most part anyway. No veils, no masks. I’m talking about finally getting to that point where I am sitting on a chair talking to a great director, a team of great writers, kid actors, animal trainers, and awesome special effects teams. Making my dream of story telling come to life. Everything I do for the next three years will be leading towards that day…. I love you for your support and thank you for believing in me while most people labeled me and threw me in a corner. I need to know I’m not alone so I can remind you guys that you’re not alone. Give and take I guess, yet it’s more organic than that silly narcissistic saying. Thanks again guys. ONE.

Oh by the way my friend asked me a really interesting question about an email I wrote to her. She just left to go to Med School for like four years. So most of our conversations are digital conversations. You know how writing can sometimes give you this freedom to elaborate cause you have more time to think before you speak right? Well I wrote to her this elaborate email about school being a marriage to existence, I wasn’t talking about Med School. Confused she asked me what I meant by ‘the school of life existing to fulfill a void in soul.’ I would like to share this perspective with you guys and possibly get some feed back on how you see it and view existence in retrospect. Just looking back at your lives do you kinda feel like the whole things a big school or what? Here is the response I wrote to my friend:

I don’t think a human can exist in rapture or satisfaction simply existing on earth alone…. I think we have consciousness and curiosity for a reason. I really do think this place is a school for the soul or the neutral witness inside all of us. From My perspective its like The Human Body Vs. the DNA that commands its biological make up. Your body and its experiences may evolve and effect that DNA for your next of kin, whether you smoke, did a lot of drugs or lived a perfectly healthy life, your DNA most likely will evolve and be affected by this process of existence for generations to come. Infinitely evolving and moving on towards change. I feel the same goes for the MIND and The SOUL ( Or Witness of the mind). For me the mind is like the body and the soul like the DNA. if you sit there and do nothing under a tree like Buddha for 8 years of your life, you will be curious, and you will evolve by answering these curiosities, as long as your conscious, even sleeping, or have a breath of reason in you. whatever you do you will never leave school of life till death do you part. You’re married to Life. The School of life. I know personally, If I hadn’t this massive curiosity and awe about the world I would feel dead and purposeless. I think my soul is looking for something, hence the reference to school of life existing to fulfill the void of spirit. That void of spirit, to me is representative of the DNA’s need to evolve, that need is = to the void of soul I speak of. Like an Infinite quest. I empathize and feel equal to everyone I encounter because I see that quest or yearning for fulfillment in the eyes of everyone I meet. If he or she didn’t have some unfinished curiosity to fulfill I think people would just drop dead or become lifeless vegetables. Just a perspective snack to ponder.

My grammar sucks ass.”

[Image via Celebrity Babylon.]

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