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Whitney Port's Husband Was Concerned About Her Weight For 'Aesthetic' Reasons?! NOT HEALTH?!

Whitney Port's Husband Concerned About Her Weight Loss ONLY For 'Aesthetic' Reasons?!

Whitney Port‘s husband is clarifying some of his remarks… and they’re only getting less thoughtful and more controversial!

The Hills star has been making headlines lately as she’s finally addressed something fans have been talking about for a while — her weight. She’d been brushing off comments worrying about her health, but after hubby Tim Rosenman expressed concern she finally listened. But maybe… he didn’t?? See, now he’s clarifying what he said — and he knows it’ll likely ruffle some feathers.

On Tuesday’s episode of the With Whit podcast, Tim said he wasn’t worried she wasn’t eating enough — he was worried she wasn’t hot enough. He says he found the reality star “too thin from an aesthetic point of view” — not out of a health concern! Later in the conversation, he elaborated:

“I was concerned that you could be hotter with 10 or 15 more pounds, and maybe that’s f**ked up.”

Well, at least he realizes it! Damn!

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Whitney went on to say she agrees with him that “aesthetically” she doesn’t like her body right now, blaming an illness for the drop in her weight. The City alum said:

“It all stemmed from when I ripped up my esophagus and lost all that weight from when I got sick. Since then, I think I have just not put it back on.”

That said, she thinks her followers’ reactions were “blown out of proportion.” You know, the ones actually mentioning her health. Huh. Whit has since shared she plans to build up her strength and work with a nutritionist to get back to where she wants to be. And through all of this, she’s insisted she is not suffering from an eating disorder but rather “disordered eating.” She clearly wants to change the narrative here, and Tim is on board. He blamed himself for the backlash on the podcast, saying “people took what [he] said and gave [her] an eating disorder.” He explained:

“That is not the case. … I am not worried about your health because I have intimate knowledge of your organ function, your cholesterol levels, I know them all. Whitney is in the 99th percentile of all this stuff. Whitney is healthy.”

While he “was not concerned with her health,” he does wonder whether his wife has a “strained relationship with food, with appearance [and] with being in the public eye.” That would be understandable, and it seems like Whitney is doing the work to figure this out. In the meantime, they’d both like the internet to butt out of the personal issue! …which they’re discussing on a podcast on the internet…

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