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Whitney Port Ready ‘To Talk To Someone’ About ‘Disordered Eating’ Amid Concerns Over Her Drastic Weight Loss

Whitney Port Says She’s Ready ‘To Talk To Someone’ About Her ‘Disordered Eating’ After Concerns Over Her Drastic Weight Loss

Whitney Port is ready to “talk to someone” about her eating habits.

As you most likely know, The Hills star admitted last month she received “a lot of comments about looking too thin” from her followers. Although she dismissed their worries at first, she soon realized it wasn’t just people trolling her on the internet. Her husband Tim Rosenman actually sat her down to express his own “concern” over her “unhealthy” appearance at the time. Still, Whitney didn’t think she had a problem but vowed to do better moving forward:

“My excuses are that I’m too lazy to make feeding myself a priority or I’m too picky when it comes to taste and quality. Both are unacceptable and I don’t want to set an unhealthy example so I promised Timmy and I’ll promise you that my health will be a priority.”

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However, her opinion on the matter soon changed. “Getting on the scale was definitely an eye opener” for the momma, as she “had no idea that I weighed as little as I did.” As concern for her continues, Whitney is opening up about her health more. And it sounds like she’s ready to take an important step amid this tough time.

During her podcast With Whit on Wednesday, the 38-year-old television personality reiterated to listeners that her weight loss was “more out of laziness and pickiness” and she would “just go hungry” because she doesn’t “care.” Despite this, Whitney has “yet to admit” to herself she has an eating disorder. But the fashion designer recognizes she has some sort of“disordered eating,” explaining:

“I think, though, that it is a type of disordered eating. That’s not OK, that’s not healthy. I’m obviously not giving my body the nutrients it needs.”

And now, she’s ready to get some health to address this matter. Whitney said her close pal gave for “contact [information for] an awesome nutritionist/eating disorder specialist,” adding:

“I’m going to talk to someone and figure it out and figure out what I like and make sure that I’m making that a priority.”

That’s good to hear! The City alum also noted she’s going to “make sure that [she is] moving” her body in order to get “a** back into gear” after taking a break from her routine during a long vacation.

It’s great Whitney is focusing on her well-being. We are wishing her nothing but the best on this journey.

[Image via Whitney Port/Instagram]

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